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Beautiful Events, Whatever your Budget

In a world where events are driven by extravagant costs, it’s easy to get caught in the chaos. At Eminent Management, we approach celebrations differently, ensuring your special day is always flawless. We work with clients who value event management excellence and beautiful designs over ballooning budgets and over-the-top trimmings. The truth is, you can still have an amazing event, without burning through a ton of money.

Our secret? A true passion for event planning, a keen eye for style, and extensive experience in hospitality. A hassle-free event can be yours for much less, one that will go down in living memory.

Preparing for a wedding, corporate soiree, dinner party, bridal shower, christening, or social gathering? Look no further than Eminent Management, your innovative and affordable event planning service.

Our Packages

Take advantage of our various packages tailored specially to fit your budget.



Eminent was founded on a simple client need: to design and deliver weddings, birthdays, corporate parties, christenings, and bridal showers without financial strain and emotional anxiety. we work with clients in the UK and internationally, Eminent Management’s low-cost event planning service guarantees luxury for less. Time and again, we prove that special celebrations don’t have to cost a fortune. Need proof? Check out our gorgeous picture gallery.

We have longstanding relationships with vendors who share our vision to ensure your event will secure the best deal possible. We pride our services on passion, honesty, efficiency, monetary smarts, and undeniable eye for style, an Eminent event is one to remember -- from the venue, catering and decorations to the striking choice of colour palettes.