Honesty Is The Best Policy... Always!

Few weeks ago, we read an article written on a newlywed who was a victim of “wedding scams”. I had read the article to know what had gone wrong & how Wedding Scams operate in the industry.

So basically, the story was about a couple who wanted an extravagant floral décor at their reception on a low budget. However, what they got was beyond ridiculous if I may say. Now after reading this article, I concluded that the two parties (the couple as Clients and the vendor – the décor company) was at fault in some ways.

Bride's Expectation

Bride Cher Austin dreamed of a magnificently laid-out spread, pictured, to celebrate her marriage and thought 'venue dresser' Michelle Hargreaves' business would be able to provide it. Read more...

Bride Cher Austin dreamed of a magnificently laid-out spread, pictured, to celebrate her marriage and thought 'venue dresser' Michelle Hargreaves' business would be able to provide it. But what Cher Austin got was a room looking barren, (as pictured) with only two chair ribbons, some pink paper table toppings and ‘three dusty old bird cages’

First of all, as Clients working with a tight budget, they needed to cut their clothes according to their size.

On the part of the vendor, clients are allowed to have dreams of how they want their big day to be like. It is the vendor’s job to work with them and make this day a reality by making sure they understand the following:

1.       Their budget was too low to have something as extravagant as that.

2.       Give them alternatives similar to their vision but explain to them why they have been offered this option – low budget

3.       Direct them to other vendors that might be able to accommodate their tight budget if your company is a luxury company targeting the high-end customers (this is ok).

What you do NOT do!

1.       Give your clients false hope

2.       Not turn up at the event

3.       Give them décor they didn’t agree to hence causing heart ache for them

In the event and hospitality industries, lots of clients are clueless about the cost and pricing of things that they sometimes have unrealistic dreams about how they want their day to be on a very tight or low budget.

This is why I believe it is important to have Event Consultation with a reputable company in order to give you advice and options with your budget. At the consultation stage, the event consultant would be able to assess your budget and your dream event and help you align accordingly in order to still have what you want with your budget. Now, this might mean removing some activities or items that are not necessary for the event.


1.      It is key to be realistic with your dream event and your budget

2.      Speak to a reputable and experienced event consultant to help you in determining some key factors in your event – aligning your budget with your dream event.

3.      Event companies that only cater to luxury events should simply refer clients to other event companies that can accommodate and plan events on a budget.

4.      Do not be afraid to approach an event company for a consultation just because you have a tight budget. There are Event companies out there like us willing to listen and help you bring that dream to life while working with your budget and still exceed your expectations.

Tips On Cutting Down Your Event Budget

As an Event planning company, we are always thinking of ways to make sure our clients get the best possible prices for services and best value for money especially when we have clients that are on a very tight budget. So, we have come up with a list of strategies to help people in cutting down on Event budget.

For those pinching pennies, we’ve got a list of the best strategies for you to use to cut down your Event budget, without feeling nickelled and Dimed;


You cannot have a tight budget and yet maintain narrow requirements. It makes it harder for you (the Client) and the Event planner. Be open to alternative options that fit within your budget.

For example, you might want to go for standard white linen that is already included in the venue package instead of hiring other colours that would cost you extra money that you can save. You can add colours to the table décor such as the centre pieces, favour boxes etc.

Package deals

Look for package deal options – for example, there are some venues that would supply crockeries and glassware without you having to hire them. Also, the linens and chair covers etc. It is all about asking questions. It will save you money in the long run. We have worked at an event where the venue used was decorated by the venue itself so no need to hire a decorator. Everything was provided from the chair covers to glassware and crockeries.


Volunteers are a great way to add manpower to your event without adding cost. Especially if you are having a high number of guests attending your event and you would probably need ushers to help, ask for volunteers. The volunteers can be from your family, network, friends etc because we are sure they would be willing to make your day as beautiful as possible. However, you will have to invest your time to properly communicate & train these volunteers, and they need to have quick access to someone at the management level (Event Coordinator) for questions or in case something goes wrong.

You can entice volunteers with perks, like an evening out for a meal to say thank you, or keep sake gifts.


Did you know some venues cut their prices down during a certain period of the year like winter period? You can get deals on spaces and other amenities by choosing less popular dates and seasons for events, as long as they don’t largely inconvenience your guests. Hotel rooms are also cheaper during the week than on Friday and Saturday nights.


Printing can be expensive! Reduce your printing to what is absolutely essential for the event and your attendees. Are program leaflets really needed at your event? Printed Invitation cards VS E-invitation?

Ask for help

Help can come in all sort of formats not just monetary. All you have to do is ask for it. No one is a super human and we cannot do it all. Family, friends, some colleagues who would be happy to help are there. All you have to do is be open and communicate the help you need.


I’ve never been scared to haggle, and neither should you. In almost all circumstances when you ask for a lower price, the worst that can happen is someone says no, and then you’re in no different a place than if you hadn’t asked. The best case scenario saves you money, so from a risk vs. reward perspective, it only makes sense to negotiate.

Shop around and see what pricing is in the sectors you’re looking at, and don’t insult a vendor by asking for a price that’s way outside market value. Be honest about your budget, and upfront if you have another vendor who is willing to do the same work for less money. Someone you like more might match their competitors’ rates.

Pay attention

Pay attention to your spending. Monitor your expenditures. Take control of your destiny. You’ve made your budget, so now is the time to follow it. Keep track of your expenses, because, many items can pop up that you weren’t accounting for.

Make sure contracts line up with your initial discussion and proposals from vendors. Check that final bills follow the contract. 

If you see something misaligned, say something. Don’t make an accusation, but find out the reason for the discrepancy. Don’t let charges get added without an explanation, and don’t pay for something that you didn’t agree to.


These are just 8 tips on cutting down your budget, but there’s an infinite number of ways to save money when planning an event. We’d love to hear yours! Let us know in the comments section below.

Hello & Welcome!

Hi guys and welcome to our first official blog!!!!! Yay….

If you are reading this, it means we have finally launched our website which we are so chuffed about…. I am sure you can tell how happy we are! So feel free to tell us what you think about the new site! We appreciate your feedback.

So, this first blog is going to be a short one as it is an introductory blog. We just want to welcome you to our website, blog and to say hello. However, before we end this, let us brief you about what we do:

We are an event management company that caters to all your event needs. We have different packages to suit your budget because we believe every single one of you deserves the luxury of having your event well organised, hassle-free and a memorable one. Hiring an event planner is not only for the rich! At Eminent, we can work with you no matter your budget and still bring your dreams to life without compromise while exceeding your expectations.

Our packages include:

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We do all sort of events such as

As a result of our website launch, we are giving our free consultation between now and ending of October 2017. So feel free to come to us for all your event questions and you can rest assured that we will give you only the best.

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